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XPO² is a revolutionary crowdfunding platform.

We aim to disrupt fundraising by giving overlooked small- to medium-sized NGOs the chance to reach out to a worldwide audience.

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XPO² gives you the opportunity to create significant net social impact.

Contributors are able to support organizations around the world that are high-value and community-focused.

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XPO² provides solutions to help NGOs realize fundraising goals.

We give you access to our technologies to better reach the contributions you need and support your vision moving forward.

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XPO² is here to change the world as we know it.

We develop innovative concepts and strategies to drive incremental fundraising revenue—helping one NGO at a time.

What does XPO² do?

XPO² is on a mission to revolutionize fundraising.

We help overlooked NGOs, charities, and associations raise the money they need to change the world.

Through our innovative crowdfunding and impact investing platform, we offer everyone the chance to give directly to organizations on the ground. We also ensure that these contributions achieve the biggest net social impact that they possibly can.

XPO² is unique.

In order to be more efficient, we choose to support small- to medium-sized NGOs, where every single dollar goes directly to the cause.

XPO² is boundless.

We aim to support over 10,000 NGOs and transform what's possible for various communities in every corner of the world.

XPO² is tireless.

Our nonprofit crowdfunding platform is designed to support NGOs, contributors and other partners in making a difference.

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The XPO² platform hosts a diverse group of carefully vetted NGOs from around the globe, with everything from animal shelters in Washington to orphanages in Vietnam.

Net Social Impact is at the heart of XPO²

Net Social Impact refers to the amount of good that your contributions can do.

We help reduce the amount of your money spent on overheads and increase the amount that goes directly to where it will help the most.

We pride ourselves in being a low-volume, high-quality platform, wherein crowdfunding for NGOs can thrive and receive more opportunities to accomplish their specified goals and aspirations.

Inspired by passion.

We align ourselves with organizations who dream of building a better future. We provide them with a space to be seen and heard so that they can reach a bigger audience.

Driven by purpose.

As a social business, we offer our proprietary Cashless Contributions module completely free of charge to our NGO partners, on a straight revenue share basis.

Backed by experience.

We also act as a digital agency, with a notable expertise in marketing, branding, and PR. These services are available to the groups who choose to be on our platform.

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