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Smaller NGOs are afforded the same opportunity as the large ones.

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Buy the things you want or need while contributing to your favorite organization.


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What does XPO² do?

XPO² offers you the chance to give directly to organizations on the ground, and ensure that your donations have the biggest net social impact that they possibly can.

Our platform gives these small charities the visibility they need to maximize their impact.

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What makes XPO² unique?

Large NGOs are notoriously inefficient and most of your donation gets lost in a black hole, we only support small-medium NGOs where every single dollar goes directly to the cause and not towards a CEO’s paycheck.

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Where does XPO² Works?

The complete XPO2 marketing, fundraising and e-commerce platform was designed to support individual donors, merchants and NGOs on every corner of Planet Earth.

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XPO² by the Numbers

In 2018, we will work to support over 10,000 NGOs to protect the natural environment, strengthen our communities, and transform what's possible for the 7.6 billion people of Planet Earth.

Where XPO² works?

Know some of our XPO² projects

The XPO² platform hosts a diverse group of carefully vetted NGOs from around the globe, with everything from animal shelters in Washington, to orphanages in Vietnam.

Net Social Impact

Net Social Impact refers to the amount of good that your donations can do. By using our three planks we are able to help reduce the amount of your money spent on overheads and increase the amount that goes directly to where it will help the most.

We're on a Mission to Revolutionize Fundraising

XPO² is a for-profit, cause-related technology marketing company that develops innovative concepts and strategies to drive incremental fundraising revenue on behalf of NGOs, charities and associations around the world.
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