Who We Are

XPO² is a for-profit, cause-related technology marketing company.

We are in the business of doing social good.

We develop innovative concepts and strategies to drive incremental fundraising revenue on behalf of vetted, small- to mid-sized non-governmental organizations (NGOs), charities, and associations located across various cities internationally. Unlike larger NGOs which operate on massive budgets and can leverage a reliable donor base, most of these smaller organizations have to fight every day to get the funding they need just to survive. They are forced to spend more time fundraising, which takes them away from their main objective—making a significant difference in today’s society.

To solve this problem, we constructed our platform around one key idea—net social impact—or how much good every contributed dollar does. If we can help these groups get the funds they need, they will be free to concentrate upon what they do best: changing the world.

Vetted NGOs

XPO² aims to support tens of thousands of community-focused organizations. We plan to bring them all to our crowdfunding and impact investing platform by the year 2023.

International Merchants

XPO² comes at absolutely zero cost to anyone helping via cashless contributions. Our merchant partners donate a percentage of each purchase to your favorite cause.

$4 Trillion
in E-Commerce Sales

XPO² gives deserving NGOs the opportunity to earn a percentage of each e-commerce transaction. Global e-commerce revenues are projected to reach a new high by 2020.

We are here to disrupt fundraising

XPO²’s digital marketing, fundraising, and e-commerce technologies are free to nonprofits, NGOs, and charities that use our platform.

Consider this: between 2011 and 2014, the number of people contributing to NGOs around the world increased from 1.2 billion to 1.4 billion.

By 2030, that number is projected to reach 2.5 billion.*

With over 10 million NGOs in the world, XPO² is perfectly situated to completely disrupt fundraising as it is known.

*Sourced from the Charities Aid Foundation

We are here to transform the future

XPO²’s revolutionary crowdfunding platform is unlike anything you’ve seen in the e-commerce industry.

Apart from direct dollar contributions, we have also built our proprietary cashless contributions module. This allows interested individuals to support causes close to their heart while also shopping for their favorite brands.

Essentially, we have created a space where each party can thrive:

  • Our trusted merchant partners are able to reduce their marketing costs by 10-40% when compared to other advertising channels and initiatives.
  • Our individual contributors save anywhere from 5-40% on each transaction on average because of exclusive discounts and rewards not found anywhere else.
  • Finally, the NGOs and nonprofit organizations we support earn a percentage of each transaction, at zero risk or expense to them.

We maximize the net social impact of each contribution by offering vetted organizations access to revenues through our platform. Meanwhile, people around the world can shop for the things they need while still being able to support causes and communities who want to make our world a better place.

Our Vision

We aspire for a society where communities are able to have more opportunities to affect change. We foresee a better tomorrow where people come together outside of conventional settings to help one another.

Our Mission

We intend to be in constant pursuit of fundraising solutions that will provide more possibilities for everyone. We have the tools and the means, and we are eager to share what we have with the rest of the world.

Our Values

We deeply believe in empowering those who struggle to have a voice, who are oppressed and exploited, and who need someone to take a chance on them. We’re here to be that someone, and we’re ready to help.

We are XPO², and we will change the world

Our ambition can only be matched by our passion.

By supporting worthy organizations committed to achieving the highest net social impact, we are making the world a better place.

If we were successful in capturing just 1% of all global retail e-commerce transactions by the year 2020 via XPO²’s marketing, fundraising and e-commerce platform, we would raise $120 billion a year on behalf of worthy, small- to medium-sized NGOs in need of vital funding to survive.

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