Why We Are Different

We are invested in empowering NGOs and giving them the opportunities they deserve.

XPO² has built a platform for social good

Everything we do revolves around helping these groups find their voice and introduce their projects to the rest of the world, as well as connecting contributors with causes they are passionate about.

The XPO² crowdfunding and impact investing platform is, above all, borne out of a need to innovate within the charity sector, which has long been saturated with hundreds of thousands of NGOs struggling to make enough money to keep going. We are here to disrupt this landscape.

Other fundraising platforms take a cut without offering any assistance to their causes. Nonprofits using our platform will be given access to our complete marketing suite. With decades of experience and some of the most cutting-edge tools at our disposal, we are able to provide NGOs with a marketing campaign that will be the envy of even the most successful companies—all without any upfront costs.

XPO² only works with carefully vetted NGOs

We associate with groups that we ourselves have thoroughly evaluated.

This means visiting them where they are located and spending some time to get to know their stories and objectives. We believe in learning by doing, and being witness to the lives of others and how they are struggling strengthens our resolve even more to make sure that their voices are heard.

Our initiative to go out there and gather insight gives our contributors peace of mind that these NGOs do exist, and that the money is going where it's needed. We work hard to ensure that these contributions will have the biggest net social impact.

XPO² has revolutionized crowdfunding for nonprofits

We have everything an NGO needs in order to reach out to potential contributors and supporters, and raise funds for causes they are passionate about.

No End Dates

All campaigns are ongoing—with no strict deadlines to meet.

Keep What You Raise

Monies are remitted to each organization once a month.

Global Campaigns

Projects can be based anywhere in the world.

Contribution Tiers

Give more via the levels of contribution that can be assigned to a project.

Recurring Contributions

Recurring transactions are available, aside from one-time payments.

Easy and Safe Transactions

There are several payment options to choose from.

Help from Professionals

Get your own project page, created by our team of experts—at no cost.

Project Updates

Keep followers informed by adding updates to the project page.

Social Media Integration

Share the project page to your favorite social media network.

XPO² believes in a human-centered approach

Our community gives us the strength we need.

Our goal is to change the world forever but we need your help to do it. Without our generous community of givers our efforts would be for nothing.

Whether you want to simply give money, help spread our message, or join our network of wonderful organizations, your support means everything to us, and people around the world.

XPO² offers cashless contributions

While our competitors focus on acquiring traditional contributions, we have built something truly special. Through our 1,000+ merchant partners, we are able to offer cashless contributions, which allow supporters to not only acquire great deals from global retailers but also give to important causes at the same time.

XPO² receives corporate contributions

We help connect corporations with NGOs whose vision fits their brand and culture. This allows companies to help causes around the world and gives NGOs a new way to raise funds. We also assist firms in getting their message out—that they are using their profits for social good—so as to encourage others to follow in their footsteps.

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XPO² Cashless Contributions
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