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Use your platform to make a difference. Become an XPO² Ambassador today.

If you are an influencer, we are inviting you rethink the way you give back to your community by becoming a part of our XPO² Ambassadors Program.

It is the perfect way for you to use your voice to build a strong social awareness among your network, and help us spread the word about the good that our community does.

When you become an XPO² Ambassador, you will:

  • Contribute your fair share of influence for the greater good, and be part of the solution to some of the world’s most pivotal problems—one post at a time
  • Drive social change and boost your credibility by aligning yourself with important, timely, and purpose-driven causes (environment, education, animal rights, etc.)
  • Unite your social power and passion for various social issues, all the while becoming a witness to a growing community of leaders, entrepreneurs, and supporters
  • Receive compensation while giving voice to some of humanity’s most critical problems and issues
  • Earn the coveted XPO² Ambassador Badge and claim your spot on the XPO² Wall of Fame
  • Widen your network and get to know more influencers in this space and other industries that we are connected with
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XPO² Cashless Contributions
Installing the extension will allow to us to credit your traffic to our charities.