Cashless Contributions

XPO² is completely revolutionizing the way you can support high-value, community-focused organizations.

Fundraising Disrupted

XPO² is completely revolutionizing the way you can support high-value, community-focused organizations.

We have developed a platform where you and any other citizen, anywhere in the world, can contribute to causes that are meaningful and are close to your heart.

How does an XPO² Cashless Contribution work?

1. Contributors

The contributor wants to support an NGO and decides to back the cause on XPO2 through a cashless contribution.

2. Cashless Contribution Extension

The contributor downloads the browser-compatible extension and selects the NGO he/she wants to support.

3. Participating Merchants

The contributor visits any of XPO²'s trusted merchant partners’ e-commerce websites and begins shopping. A code is assigned to keep track of the purchases.

4. Shop and Contribute

Every time the contributor makes an online purchase, a percentage of this transaction will be credited to the earlier selected NGO.

5. Affiliate Comission

The chosen NGO receives the affiliate commission, which is 4% of the sale on average.

6. Net Social Impact

The chosen NGO then uses the money to further its cause and achieve more actionable goals, and the contributor’s net social impact is maximized.

7. Marketing Costs

In order to fund the ongoing marketing efforts on behalf of NGOs contributions generated via the XPO2 platform is collected while absorbing 100% of the operating costs.

8. New Contributors

These dollars are then used to power XPO2’s marketing efforts that drive new contributors to the NGOs. Every dollar XPO2 receives generates incremental contributors.


Cashless Contributions

You can choose to make a Cashless Contribution by using our browser extension—it’s that easy:

1. Start by clicking on 'Cashless Contribution' on a Project.

2. Simply add our XPO² Cashless Contributions browser extension.

3. Choose the NGO you want to support.

4. Go to any of our trusted merchant partners’ e-commerce site
by typing its URL on the address bar and begin shopping.

5. If the merchant you are looking for is one of our participating merchants, just confirm.

6. A percentage of your transaction will then be given to non-profits
and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that you want to support.

See our complete list of XPO² participating merchants here.

No downloads required. Available for:

Click "Add Extension" to install
XPO² Cashless Contributions
Installing the extension will allow to us to credit your traffic to our charities.