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Bully Rehab Awareness Gym: Empowering Youth in Arizona

BRAG started the initiative Battered and Bullied No More, which teaches “The Art of the Gentle Way” through Wrestling, Judo, Spartan Obstacle Course Training, Boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

The Ngong Forest Conservation Trust: Saving the Forest, One Tree at a Time

The Ngong Forest outside Nairobi, Kenya currently lacks the necessary funding to fully protect it from threats. In April of 2018, XPO2 worked with local stakeholders to form the Ngong Forest Conservation Trust to raise funds to protect and restore this important ecosystem.

Blue Mountain Humane Society: Saving the World One Animal at a Time

Stop whatever you are doing right now and open your phone and search @bluemountainhumane on instagram. Take a few moments and scroll through the pictures. Adorable, right? These are the faces of the lives that Blue Mountain Humane Society is saving. In 2017 they saved the lives of over 2,250 animals and found 1,607 of […]

Carlos Flores: Former Mixed Martial Artist Builds Gym to Combat Bullying

Bullying is a national epidemic, unfortunately making its presence known in schools across the country. It is one of the most problematic issues in regards to students, and so far, a solution doesn’t seem to be anywhere in sight. According to the American SPCC: 28% of students aged 12-18 are bullied in school. 160,000 kids […]

The Reason to Hope: Providing Healing from the Effects of Mental Disorders

The Reason to Hope is an important community organization in Kenya dedicated to helping people suffering from a wide range of problems including drug and alcohol abuse, stress, depression, as well as other mental health ailments. Based in Nairobi, their main objective is to provide a variety of professional mental health services based on the three […]

The Blue Mountain Humane Society: Providing a Fresh Start for Homeless Animals

As dedicated advocates of animal rights since its inception in 1967, The Blue Mountain Humane Society receives over 2,250 stray and recovered animals annually. Serving in Walla Walla County in Washington for over 50 years as the area’s sole animal shelter, they direct their energy towards helping these furry friends find suitable owners who can […]

Tumutumu School for the Deaf

CARA Project: Giving Disadvantaged Young Girls A Home

Since its foundation in 2009, Cara Project works to better the lives of Kenyan women and girls. The NGO was established by Paddy O’ Connor, and it also focuses on equal rights for women to provide a better standard of life for both children and mothers. Paddy has made large contributions in Kenya, such as […]

Access TLC Foundation: Affordable & Compassionate End of Life Care

Serving Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties in California for over 20 years, Access TLC Foundation is a nonprofit organization that champions the benefits of hospice care and provides financial support to qualified patients and families facing end of life care and necessitous patients needing homecare. The Foundation was established in 1996 by Marie […]

XPO2 is Proud to Support the CARA Girls Rescue Centre 

Last week, I had the chance to visit the CARA Girls Rescue Centre in Kibiko, Nairobi, Kenya. This nonprofit organization devotes its mission to offering women of all ages the resources and support they need to lead healthy lives.

The Reason to Hope: Transforming Mental Health in Africa

The Reason To Hope’ (TRTH) is a community based organization geared towards empowering the individuals, families, and communities to cope with the threat of modern day life issues which include maladjustment, peer pressure, stress, recreation and leisure, drugs and substance uses among others. Learn more about efforts to treat mental health issues in Kenya!

Blue Mountain Humane Society

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