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The Future of Nonprofit Fundraising

Around the world, small to medium sized nonprofit organizations, associations and charities are struggling to raise the funds they need to survive.

Impact Investment in Focus: Addressing Rural Poverty

Today, while the paradigm of impact investment is still growing, the results are clear: amazing things happen when investors are able to align their values with projects that allow them to leave a lasting mark on our world.

XPO2 Founder and CEO Dom Einhorn speaking at the 10th Annual Telecom Review Conference in Beirut, Lebanon

On April 13th, 2018, Exponential, Inc. (XPO²) Founder and CEO Dom Einhorn opened a Keynote Panel Discussion at the 10th Telecom Review Summit. No stranger to start-ups, Einhorn launched his first business venture at 19. By the time he sold his company Powerclick, Inc. this serial investor was beginning to see life in a whole new way. Watch Dom Einhorn present "The New Start-Up Ecosystem".

Impact Investing for a Better Future

Impact investing has been an increasingly dominant topic in the industry as its multifaceted approach in driving profits and social as well as environmental change begin to catch on. SRI and ESG are two other related aspects that have some fundamental similarities. SRI, or Socially Responsible Investing, refers to investments in organizations/companies that don’t market […]

Why Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) will make our world a better place for all

Why Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) will make our world a better place for all Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is recognizing shared value and pursuing business goals in ways that align with the interests of a company’s stakeholders and the communities they operate in. CSR activities enhance reputation, mitigate risks and contribute to business results. While […]

Get to Know Exponential, Inc. (XPO2) Founder and CEO Dom Einhorn

I recently had the chance to sit down with Founder and CEO of Exponential, Inc., Dom Einhorn.  Dom and I first met on a cold and snowy afternoon in Stuttgart, Germany. Instantly, I was drawn to his vision for the future and clear track record of past successes as  founder, investor and entrepreneur. As we […]

Impact Investing, Corporate Social Responsibility and the New Start-Up Ecosystem

By 2023, XPO², our fundraising, marketing and ecommerce platform will support over 10,000 high value social enterprises to protect the natural environment, strengthen communities, and transform what's possible for the 7.6 billion people of Planet Earth.

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