Category: Cultural Preservation

Morani Preserve and Research Center Laikipia

Morani Preserve is a Life Changing Ecotourism and Research Destination

Everyone in the world should get the chance to visit the Morani Preserve to check out pristine African wilderness.

Blue Water Ventures International

Explore the Wild World of Kenya’s Morani Preserve

XPO² will use funding to provide the Morani Preserve with the backing to help set up this important network of businesses to create a sustainable industry.

Keeping Celtic Music Alive

Affiniti composes fresh takes on many popular hits and infuses them with Celtic flavors to promote and being traditional Irish music to the spotlight for mainstream audiences to enjoy a piece of their Celtic culture.

Affiniti: Bringing Classical and Celtic Tradition to the 21st Century

The women of Affiniti music set out with a goal: to bring the long traditions of classical music and Celtic heritage to a new audience in the 21st century. They are succeeding. Kevin Cullen of the Boston Globe once said of the group, “Listening to Affinití for the first time is like reading Dubliners for […]

Saigon Children: Giving the Underprivileged a Fighting Chance

Established in 1992 in the UK, and currently operating in Vietnam, Saigon Children raised $12.5 million over the last 25 years with the mission of giving disadvantaged adults and children a chance to complete their education and pursue their dreams. Their efforts are focused mostly on rural and remote areas across provinces in Vietnam, as […]

The Cho Group Foundation: Helping the Future Generation

The Cho Group Foundation was established by Chairman and CEO Michael Cho to provide financial assistance to abandoned children in China. As many parents who live in remote areas are forced to relocate to more developed parts of the country in order to find work, their children are left and are generally taken in by […]

Affiniti: Reviving Classical Music with a Dash of Celtic Ingredients

  Affiniti is a classical crossover group comprised of soprano Emer Barry, violinist/composer Mary McCague, and harpist Aisling Ennis. As part of their youth orchestra, Mary and Aisling had been friends since childhood. While performing at a music festival several years later, Mary met Emer and the rest is history. Prior to the creation of […]


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