Category: Youth Development

The United Premier Soccer League: A Major Player Enters the Scene

Boasting an impressive 160 squads battling for ultimate supremacy, the UPSL houses 20 divisions and 11 conferences comprised of teams from over 30 states. Initially launched with just a handful of teams, the United Premier Soccer League has expanded dramatically as interest in soccer surges in the U.S. Founded in California in 2011 by Leonel […]

Tumutumu School for the Deaf

L.A. Wolves FC: Another Dynamic to the L.A. Sports Scene

A soccer team based in Los Angeles, California, the L.A. Wolves currently compete in the Western Division of the United Premier Soccer League. They take their name from the legendary Los Angeles Wolves who played for the United Soccer Association back in 1967. At the time, their broadcasts were covered by legendary Los Angeles Lakers […]

CARA Project: Giving Disadvantaged Young Girls A Home

Since its foundation in 2009, Cara Project works to better the lives of Kenyan women and girls. The NGO was established by Paddy O’ Connor, and it also focuses on equal rights for women to provide a better standard of life for both children and mothers. Paddy has made large contributions in Kenya, such as […]

The Cho Group Foundation

Saigon Children

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