Come to Kenya for an Authentic African Safari Experience

Kenya provides an astounding experience for animal lovers.

Home of the safari, Africa is the dream destination to head to if you are looking to see an extensive variety of animals in their natural habitat. Kenya has a huge and wide-ranging population of wildlife with most people travelling to see the most famous animals, the big five. The lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant and buffalo, are at the heart of Kenya’s main wildlife attraction, but of course there are many others just as well loved, such as giraffes, zebras, hartebeests and caracals.

The incredible assortment of animals here is bound to excite any animal lover and provide a chance to experience something that nobody will ever forget.

The Morani Preserve is currently working towards becoming an ecotourism centred animal sanctuary and with the support and help provided by XPO² they are aiming to join and become a top destination to see animals that are in need of protection and care. But while they are at the start of their journey, there are still amazing places to visit and stay that live up to the high expectations.

Learn more about why Morani Preserve’s conservation efforts are so special. 

Your African Safari Dreams can Come True

By far, the most popular tourist destination is the Masai Mara National Reserve. This reserve gets its name from the Maasai tribe who still live within the area as well as the Mara River that runs through the heart of reserve. The land here is mainly open savannah, seasonal rivers form with the rainy season but will vanish once the rains move on, meaning it is often hot and dry here.

The Masai Mara is home to the big five that most people want to see and has a spectacular range of birds with over 400 different species found here! Between July and September the wildebeest embark on their annual migration which takes them straight through this region, offering a chance to see over 1.5 million animals crossing the Mara River!

You can get involved with the Maasai tribe in the area, experiencing their culture and village life. Often the young male warriors will perform their dance, and it’s an opportunity to purchase unique handcrafted souvenirs from the local people.

An ideal location to stay would be Base Camp Masai Mara. Ran by the local Maasai people, it is a true eco-friendly destination that offers amazing facilities and experiences without taking away from the natural beauty of the land.

Spectacular Lakeside Viewing

For those searching for a more feathered experience, Lake Nakuru National Park is the hot spot for many birds including massive flocks of stunning pink flamingos where there can be up to two million of them! Thousands of other species of birds can also be found here, but with their numbers depending on food levels it’s always advised to check with the park before travelling to not be disappointed.

As well as a huge assortment of birds, Lake Nakuru is also home to animals such as buffalo, Rothschild giraffes, warthogs, hippos and both black and white rhinoceroses. Lake Nakuru is filled with wildlife to watch it’ll be hard to find a moment when there isn’t something to see or do, but if you’re in search of a moment of relaxation, the waterfall at Makalia is a perfect spot for some peace and quiet.

Close by to Lake Nakuru is Abedere National Park. This park has a diverse selection of terrain, from moorlands to an indigenous forest as well as streams and waterfalls. It’s located on the Aberdare Mountains and due to the high altitude it is wetter and often has a cool mist. The heavy rains here can make some roads impassable during the wet season. It’s smaller than the other national parks, but this doesn’t mean there isn’t as much to see here! Aberdare has the second largest population of black rhinos which are an endangered species. Abedere is also home to elephants, lions, baboons, leopards and over 250 species of birds!

There’s Never Enough!

Kenya provides an astounding experience for animal lovers. With over 20 parks, reserves and ranches all working to preserve the environment and protect the animals it’s no surprise that Kenya is the home of the African safari.

All provide a unique experience unlike anything else in the world and with the Morani Preserve joining in with the help of the Samburu tribe who are running this fantastic new location. The Morani preserve has grown since 2011 to also include the Tumaren, Mukogodo, Chololo, Malaikaa and Kaparo lands, creating a safe reserve for animals and wildlife to flourish.

Thanks to the support that XPO² brings, the Morani Preserve can continue to grow, and is currently working hard to get more community groups involved so they can unite together to provide the right protection for the wildlife and work towards a sustainable future.

While there are many places in Kenya to visit, you will not want to miss Morani Preserve. Because hunting is not allowed and this destination is so wild, it’s one of the best places to see native African wildlife in their natural habitat.

Support the Morani Preserve’s efforts to protect Kenya’s most special natural treasures. 

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