How XPO² Works

XPO² is a revolutionary crowdfunding platform that will disrupt fundraising forever.

What is XPO² ?

XPO² is a revolutionary crowdfunding platform that will disrupt fundraising forever.

Rather than focusing on large non-governmental organizations (NGOs), our platform gives overlooked small to medium-sized NGOs the chance to reach out to new donors across the globe.

Established NGOs today typically have large overheads. Much of your donation goes to call centers, executive salaries, or office rents—rather than the people who really need it.

XPO² offers you the chance to give directly to organizations on the ground and ensure that your donations have the biggest net social impact that they possibly can.

The XPO² platform hosts a diverse group of carefully vetted NGOs from around the globe. These organizations are doing real work to help people in need, protect the environment, preserve local cultures, and so much more. Our platform gives these small community resources the visibility they need to maximize their impact.

What is XPO² ?

A donation's journey through XPO²

XPO² and the importance of Net Social Impact

Net Social Impact refers to the amount of good that your contributions can do. By using our platform, we are able to help reduce the amount of money spent on overheads and increase the amount that goes directly to where it will help the most.

Supporting essential causes through direct or cashless contributions can help create safe spaces for women, support children with disabilities, shelter vulnerable animals and preserve endangered species, provide food and resources to developing nations, and more.

XPO² is built upon three cornerstones

These three cornerstones provide the foundation of a platform that helps your contributions have the biggest net social impact.

Revolutionary Fundraising

While also offering traditional direct contributions, we have pioneered the creation of Cashless Contributions, which allow you to give to important causes by shopping as you normally would with retailers you already use.

Low Fees

While XPO² is a for-profit, cause-related technology marketing company, we offer competitive fees for our services. We take 5% (net of credit card charges) of all contributions and offer our Cashless Contributions module to NGOs free of charge.

PR and Marketing

Other popular crowdfunding sites take a cut from all contributions but offer nothing more than a platform. We’re different. We provide all of our vetted NGOs with a full marketing and PR package. This allows us to leverage our expertise to help spread the word about important projects and worthy NGOs.

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