Net Social Impact

XPO² is built around the concept of Net Social Impact, or the amount of good that your contributions can do.

XPO² is committed to transforming our society

By taking significant action, you can help an NGO and its chosen cause, and consequently, transform the community it supports.

The effect of net social impact is far-reaching—from your home to another country on the other side of the world, for instance—and is something XPO² is passionate about.

There is no denying that contributions to larger NGOs are often eaten away by high executive salaries, increasing overhead expenses, and institutional inefficiencies. At XPO², we aim to resolve these pervading issues by making sure that your contributions get to where they need to be.

Working with NGO's

Our partner organizations are different in that we focus on and work with small- to medium-sized groups whose core of operations do not get entangled in administrative politics. They perform well because of cost-effective activities, and their need for funds are realistic and conscious of overhead waste.

Continuing the conversation

We also keep the ball rolling and pursue the issues that concern our society. We discuss these with our peers, industry colleagues, and our growing audience in the hopes that our insights will open up more dialogue and bring about more change.

We want to help these NGOs succeed, and to do that we sit down with them and discuss ways on how they can be supported, where they can make improvements that will last, and how we can introduce their causes in a way that potential contributors can understand and foresee tangible results.

XPO² is here to change the status quo

The way your money gets spent matters to us.

We want to ensure that your contribution reaches its intendend recipients, and so we made it a principle to only support NGOs that do not spend absurd amounts of their capital on what we consider to be top-heavy factors that might facilitate inefficient aid, such as extravagant physical headquarters, excessive remunerations for people who are not working on the ground, and so on.

We have partnered strategically with small organizations doing vital work to improve lives around the globe. The net social impact that XPO2 seeks to create is authentic and sustainable. We are not merely jumping on the bandwagon; in fact, we are here to change the status quo—we are here to disrupt fundraising as we all know it.

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