Become a NGO Partner

XPO² offers qualifying, vetted, small- to medium-sized NGOs access to world-class digital marketing, press release distribution, and fundraising technologies.

The best part?

We are able to provide these services, in addition to our proprietary Cashless Contributions model, for no upfront cost or risk taken on your behalf.

Once your organization is approved, we will bring our decades of marketing experience and expertise to bear. By using cutting-edge marketing techniques, we will help you reach out to generous contributors around the world.

Through our XPO² impact investing platform, your NGO gets a scalable solution which will help you better arrive at the fundraising goals you need to keep your vision moving forward.

XPO² seeks to partner with a wide range of organizations, and as such it is important for us to carefully vet each entity to find out if they are who they say they are, and if their cause and actionable goals are genuine.

Our process consists of but are not limited to:

  • Reviewing the NGO’s application, which covers the group’s identity and history, vision and mission, as well as management staff and operations
  • Assessing the NGO’s need for fundraising—the challenges they face and the reasons behind it
  • Visiting the NGO on-site and interacting with the community

We believe that performing these significant steps will ensure that contributions will be sent to the right people and used for their intended purpose. For more information or if you have any queries, send us an email at

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XPO² Cashless Contributions
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