Participating Merchants

XPO² is completely revolutionizing the way you can support high-value, community-focused organizations.

What does it mean to be an XPO² Participating Merchant?

XPO² is proud to work with top e-commerce merchants in the world for our Cashless Contributions initiative.

Our mission is to make sure that our contributors are able to connect with great brands who have their heart in the right place—those who are deeply committed to help our causes as well as deliver only the best products in the market. Our XPO² participating merchants provide nothing but the most enticing rewards and value. While you shop through our Cashless Contributions browser extension, you are also contributing a percentage of your transactions to the organizations in our platform.

The benefits of a partnership with XPO²

XPO² believes that the best brands out there also have the greatest hearts—they are interested in boosting sales but also making a significant contribution to society.

We want to connect a brand like yours to our contributors. You get to build a customer base and they get to shop and help a cause at the same time—a truly fantastic deal. If the following applies:

  • You sell your products online
  • You use an affiliate program to promote your site

Then you’ve come to right place. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to become one of our merchant partners today. For more information or if you have any queries, send us an email at

See our complete list of XPO² participating merchants here.

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XPO² Cashless Contributions
Installing the extension will allow to us to credit your traffic to our charities.