Access TLC Foundation

Posted on June 5, 2018
The Access TLC Foundation helps to make hospice care affordable to all members of the community.

Access TLC Foundation

Posted on June 5, 2018
Providing services to the Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Ventura counties of California for over 20 years, Access TLC aims to go above and beyond in catering to the needs of their patients with an emphasis on hospice, caregiving, and health care.
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The Access TLC Foundation ensures people of all socioeconomic levels have compassionate end of life care to allow death with dignity.
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Founded by Mary Leste and Shelley Chilton, Access TLC Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in 1996 with a mission to provide affordable end of life costs for low income families. This organizations seeks to ensure that proper care is given to all patients, as hospice and other health care services typically aren’t covered by insurance plans. Patients who are unable to care for themselves and meet the criteria in accordance with their physician can quality for home health care to improve health and overall comfort. Some of the criteria include an intermittent need for nursing care, physical therapy, and pathology service among others.

Welcome Access TLC Foundation Supporters

For those that meet the eligibility, Access TLC provides several critical services such as assessment, medication, rehabilitation, and post-op care among others. Covered in full by Medicare, Access TLC provides hospice care for patients suffering from terminal illnesses. As patients and families struggle physically and emotionally, hospice care provides medical healing as well as emotional support throughout their ordeals. Access TLC is committed to providing palliative care as well as bereavement counseling for families struggling to come to terms with their heartfelt losses. Early admission and access to palliative care can extend a terminal patient’s life. Patients with cancer or advanced heart and lung illnesses represent a large proportion of those under hospice care. Access TLC also provides 24/7 transport for patients requiring access to stretchers or wheelchair. Their services ensure that all transportation needs are met for patients who are unable to get around on their own, providing a convenient method of access to all medical appointments or needs.

Serving and Educating in Hospice Care

The 5000 square foot Access TLC Health Care Center facility in Moorpark, California, provides designated nursing services for patients who need round the clock health care such as those suffering from a form of dementia as well as those in the latter stages of serious illnesses and require dedicated hospice care. By also incorporating recreational activities, this ensures that elderly patients have a source of companionship as many patients are physically unable to leave their homes. Even a brief encounter with a volunteer or friendly face can do wonders for lifting up a patient’s spirit in trying times. Access TLC is also dedicated to promoting education on health care, and feature events such as film screenings to provide insights and knowledge on hospice care from different angles. Such events promote awareness of and how to approach these types of situations if they were to occur in the family. This is crucial to educating the general public on what types of services are available for certain needs including hospice care for terminal patients. They also benefit physicians who can receive valuable feedback from families in order to improve and tailor the types of services that they can provide to clients in need of their expertise. Patient grants are also available to assist in providing necessary funds to access end of life care and are approved on a case by case basis. Grants can help provide caregiver services as well as medication or aid with burial processes.

Providing Care and Companionship

Contributionss to the Access TLC Foundation ensure that they can provide optimal care for end of life patients who may otherwise not have access to premium hospice or health care. Access TLC also hosts an annual Kentucky Derby Gala fundraiser at the Camarillo Ranch which provides dining options alongside entertainment such as horseracing as well as auctions. A dedicated group of volunteers undertake a large portion of operations, and volunteers are always welcomed. Qualifying hospice volunteers can serve an important role alongside end of life patients, equipped with training and support to provide a source of comfort and feedback to patients in their final stages. By contributing, you can ensure that all terminal and end of life patients don’t leave the world alone, but in the presence of a companion and friend in their final days.

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