Posted on March 7, 2018
Affiniti play Traditional Irish, Classical, and Operatic pieces that represent the rich musical tradition of Europe.


Posted on March 7, 2018
Affiniti is a dynamic 3 piece recording and live act featuring Aisling Ennis on Harp, Mary McCague on Violin and Emer Barry’s Soprano voice. Each of these performers are classically trained Masters in their given musical disciplines. Playing a combination of traditional, classic, and celtic music juxtaposed against contemporary pop hits, Affiniti is an important cultural movement. These artists represent the culmination of a rich European musical tradition and have helped the public fall in back in love with classic music all over again.
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Affiniti are helping to preserve the rich traditional music culture of Europe.
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Céad Míle Fáilte Affiniti Fans!

The Irish women at the heart of Affiniti are each incredibly talented and accomplished musicians. As a trio, Emer Barry, Mary Mc Cague and Aisling Ennis represent their traditional culture in a way that speaks to to new audiences. The ancient Celtic culture is cited by historians as being the first unifying European community. At its peak, Celtic influences were a part of daily life from the British Isles, through Continental Europe, and even reaching as far as Turkey. The Classical music of Europe is undoubtedly linked to the Celtic peoples and their unique musical instruments, folklore, dancing and other traditions. Today, artists like Affiniti are bringing traditional Classical and Celtic music to audiences around the world. Often described as “Classical Crossover”, Affiniti’s music is a living tapestry which honors the past while still appealing to modern tastes. In this way, these talented Irish women are ensuring that the cultural tradition of one of Europe’s founding cultures, the mystical Celtic peoples, lives on, now and in the future.

Support Classical European Culture

Affiniti play Traditional Irish, Classical, and Operatic pieces that represent the rich musical tradition of native European music. The ladies also continue to expand their repertoire of contemporary pieces, many of which are arranged in very innovative styles which entwine the new with the old in a way that is nothing short of magical. This is an important cultural movement for the people of Ireland, Europe and the world to enjoy. Affiniti’s music has the power to bring communities together to celebrate the joy of peace and the endless inspiration of the human spirit. To be able to work with orchestras, record new music, and go on tour to share their creations with the world, Affiniti rely on the admiration and support of their fans. All money raised in support of Affiniti goes back towards allowing this organization of music lovers to further their passion of reaching new audiences with their modern classical take on Celtic culture. Today, you can support Affiniti so that these 3 incredibly talented Irish women can continue to represent the modern height of European culture with their “Classical Crossover” music and spellbinding live performances.

Help Bring Traditional European Music to New Audiences

Affiniti represents an important community resource. As purveyors of Celtic tradition and Classical European music, these artists have a unique treasure to share with the world. In packaging these traditional influences in a way that excites and interests modern audiences, Affiniti have a formula for ensuring these instruments, songs and arrangements continue on, long into the future. Today, your support will help Affiniti to produce new music and continue to perform live events such as their 2017 Christmas Tour in the United States entitled “A Celtic Christmas”. Thanks to your contributions, Aisling Ennis, Mary Mc Cague, and Emer Barry will be able to share their artistic vision with the world. Thank you for taking the time to invest in Classical European Culture!

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