Big Cat Rescue

Posted on June 7, 2018
Big Cat Rescue is a highly accredited and renowned sanctuary and advocacy group for exotic cats.

Big Cat Rescue

Posted on June 7, 2018
Big Cat Rescue is a highly accredited and renowned sanctuary for exotic cats including jaguars, leopards, lions, and tigers. Spanning 67 acres, they have rescued and housed many big cats during their 25 years of operation, and currently feature around 80 big cats. Many of these majestic animals were retrieved from the clutches of negligent owners or at the hands of financial exploitation such as circuses and illegal trade.
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Big Cat Rescue is leading efforts to ensure exotic felines coexist peacefully with human populations.
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According to the Smithsonian, there are about 5,000 tigers in captivity in the U.S. while only 3,200 remain in the world. It is estimated that there is a total of 10,000 captive tigers in the world. Inadequate facilities and improper or even abusive handling place an enormous amount of stress on these wild animals, being forced to live in a foreign and cruel environment away from their natural habitats. Currently, there are 7 states that don’t have any regulations in place regarding the raising of potentially dangerous wildlife. There were 75 deaths related to exotic pets from 1990-2011 and between 2011-2017, 33 people were killed by big cat attacks with another 226 mauled out of 764 total incidents. Based in Florida, Big Cat Rescue was founded by Carole Baskin who dreamt of providing wild exotic cats with a safe sanctuary that featured complete transparency and handled its residents with proper care. “We absolutely believe that wild cats don’t belong in cages and everything we do is working toward the day that we don’t have to exist,” stated Baskin. Big Cat Rescue provides data on all its animals, in the hopes that other organizations and zoos follow suit to facilitate the proper tracking of all big cats. Many zoos and other facilities don’t share this information, making it impossible to ascertain the whereabouts and conditions of their animals.

Welcome Big Cat Rescue Supporters

A Source of Expert Knowledge

Big Cat Rescue raises awareness on many conservation issues, educating people about immoral practices and bringing the plight of these exploited animals to light. They are one of the largest sources of knowledge on conservation topics such as tracking and monitoring species for insights on habitats and populations, which are crucial to maintaining migratory movements on all big cats. Big Cat Rescue uses its expert knowledge to provide information on rehabilitation, reintegration, as well as exploitation issues around the world and how the community can get involved to mitigate them. With this available knowledge, it is the organization's mission to ensure that big cats around the world in the wild, as well as captivity get the exposure and attention that they sorely deserve. Cub petting is one of many issues that Big Cat Rescue hopes to mitigate. Although it appears harmless, petting lion or tiger cubs only serves to promote the exploitation of big cats for financial gains as cubs that are featured for petting are typically taken from their mothers at a very young age where they are susceptible to disease. Many cubs are inbred, which further hampers Big Cat Rescue’s efforts of reintroducing big cats in captivity back to their natural habitats. Cubs that become fully grown are sent off to enclosures or featured in circuses and other negligent circumstances. Big Cat Rescue takes in a variety of big cats, many of whom were abandoned after they failed to serve their unethical purposes any longer. Big Cat Rescue also provides a detailed database of prominent issues and current regulations. This wealth of knowledge serves to increase awareness of issues to the general public from big cat experts in the hopes that these issues can be resolved with their help. In their efforts to increase conservation and awareness, Big Cat Rescue also operates a variety of tours for viewers to get a closer look at big cats in a properly situated environment. Feeding tours provide visitors with an opportunity to learn about the varying diets and hunting techniques of tiger while watching trainers feed the cats. For viewers wanting a more in-depth experience of the park, the Keeper Tour provides a detailed 2-hour tour of the inner working of the sanctuary and its history. Big Cat Rescue also features a unique wedding ceremony package, where couples and guests will be hosted in a beautiful landscape and scenery, accompanied by some of the park’s residents.

Into the Wild

With the organization's major push for stricter regulation on the ownership of exotic pets, it appears as if their efforts have finally been recognized. The Big Cat Public Safety Act proposes the complete ban on private ownership or breeding of exotic animals, including big cats. Current owners will be allowed to retain their pets, provided they are registered with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and that public encounters with their animals are not allowed. If the motion is officially proved, it will be a major boon for Big Cat Rescue’s efforts to promote healthy species in their natural habitat in a visible, appropriate, and trackable manner. Big Cat Rescue relies solely on their tours and generous contributions to provide these beautiful cats with a suitable environment to thrive and recover from their past scars. The organization is currently assisting freshly liberated tigers in Guatemala that were freed from their circus with the passing of a law banning circuses from including animals. The process is very costly and can take extended amounts of time. Your contributions will fuel the organization’s efforts to stop the abuse and exploitation of these majestic animals, taking care of them in a safe environment in an effort to save many species from going extinct. Every bit of your contributions will go directly to providing these abused animals with a safe place to live worldwide, away from the greedy sights of those who would take advantage of them. Help us keep these beautiful cats out of cages and in the wild where they belong. We Couldn’t Do This Without You!

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