Blue Mountain Humane Society

Posted on March 7, 2018
Blue Mountain Humane Society ensures animals live peacefully with local human communities.

Blue Mountain Humane Society

Posted on March 7, 2018
Blue Mountain Humane Society has been offering compassionate care and animal rights advocacy in Walla Walla County, Washington for over 50 years. In just 2017, over 1,607 animals found new, loving homes thanks to the efforts of our dedicated team. As the sole animal shelter facility in Walla Walla County and also serving parts of Umatilla and Columbia, Blue Mountain Humane Society is a vital community resource. In 2018, we are looking to expand our efforts to better serve the animals and people of Washington State.
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Blue Mountain Humane Society ensures animals are given the compassionate love and care they deserve.
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Welcome Blue Mountain Humane Society Supporters

Blue Mountain Humane Society (BMHS) is a vital community resource to the people living in Walla Walla, Umatilla, and Columbia Counties in Washington. Its reach goes further than that though, with families traveling from all over Washington, Idaho, and Oregon to adopt pets from this vibrant animal shelter. The BMHS has promoted compassionate treatment of animals for over 50 years. Each year the facility admits more than 2,250 animals. While each of these domestic pets and occasional wild animals may arrive for different reasons, they are each treated with the loving respect and kindness they deserve. We have contracts to accept seized or stray pets from the City and County of Walla Walla. We also have contracts to shelter seized pets for the cities of College Place, Dayton, Waitsburg and Milton-Freewater. When we have space available we also accept pets surrendered by their owners. While we always attempt to reunite strays with their owners, only about 20% are reclaimed each year. The rest of the animals are placed up for adoption or transferred to other no-kill shelters and rescues around the region.This process gives left behind animals a chance to become a beloved companion. This transformation creates lasting bonds of love, completes family homes, and offers pets a new chance at life.

Take a Stand for the Animals of Washington

At the Blue Mountain Humane Society sharing animal advocacy with the community is a way of life. Frequently our organization is called on to offer its insight into how to best treat animals in the community. In local area schools and in the animal shelter in Walla Walla, students of all ages can learn about how to treat the animals around them with warmth, love, and compassion. Supporting the Blue Mountain Animal Society will allow our organization to adopt even more pets than the 1,607 that got a chance at a new life in 2017. Your contribution allows the shelter to buy medicines, vaccines, and other vital resources such as cleaning supplies, food for the animals, and improvements to the places where they are housed. With your contributions, the shelter is able to work towards improving its digital footprint. In 2017 a large number of animals that were adopted as companion animals were first viewed by their potential owners on social media or the BMHS website. Real-time updated, live-streaming video has been an important means of connecting pets with loving owners. All funds contributed to support the Blue Mountain Humane Society go directly towards expanding our efforts to help animals. From helping us to pay for the utilities associated with running our facility, to expanding our efforts to adopt our animals, every contribution goes a long way towards helping us reach out goals.

Support Your Local Animal Advocacy Organization

The Blue Mountain Humane Society needs your help to protect the animals of Washington State. Your efforts will help to ensure that even more animals are given the compassionate, loving care they deserve. As the leading animal rights advocacy organization in this area, the support of our friends and neighbors is essential for reaching our goals. We were founded 50 years ago to help ensure all animals in Washington State are treated with the care they deserve. To help us reach our next 50 years, we need your support. Contribute to the Blue Mountain Humane Society today!

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