Blue Water Ventures International

Posted on June 5, 2018
Blue Water Ventures International is dedicated to preserving relics recovered from the world's oceans.

Blue Water Ventures International

Posted on June 5, 2018
Founded in 2005 by W. Keith Webb, Blue Water Ventures International is an organization dedicated to the restoration of undiscovered history and relics discovered in shipwrecks around the world. Their successful extraction and recovery can lead to invaluable insights into history and other memories or treasures that were lost along the way.
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Blue Water Ventures International is dedicated recovering and preserving long lost pieces of history from the depths of the world's oceans.
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Welcome Blue Water Ventures International Supporters

According to UNESCO, there are an estimated 3 million shipwrecks spread across the ocean’s massive floors. It is estimated that not even 1% of shipwrecks around the world have been explored, leaving behind a massive piece of historical information and data that holds invaluable knowledge about major events in the past. With a focus on the waters off of North America and the Caribbean, the expert team of professionals at Blue Water Ventures International conducts thorough research while applying the latest technology to aid in the exploration of the deep blue sea. Blue Water Ventures International performs extensive studies to better understand the ocean environment, promoting preservation efforts to protect an integral part of planet Earth. By analyzing historical records and data, they can pinpoint potential targets with the assistance of magnetic equipment. Diving teams participate in extensive training in advanced disciplines such as nitrox enriched diving, allowing for deeper and prolonged excavation efforts that are crucial to unearthing  lost cargo buried deep below the surface. Marine research vessels with advanced technology capabilities carry out recovery expeditions for several of the professional dive teams that are part of Blue Water Ventures International.

Understanding and Respecting the Ocean

Blue Water Ventures International works independently and in collaboration with its partner, Endurance Exploration Group, to successfully locate and retrieve a variety of treasures that connect some of the puzzle pieces to the past. They have worked on several major shipwreck recovery projects such as the Santa Margarita, the San Jose, the 1715 Fleet, and the Ghost Fleet. They are currently working on the recovery of a luxury steamboat named Pulaski, a project that is slated to run until the end of 2018. Back in 1838, the Pulaski’s boiler exploded on its voyage to Baltimore and caused it to sink in North Carolina waters, claiming the lives of the majority of its passengers and crew along with it. Among its passengers were some of the wealthiest families of the time period, in what was considered one of the biggest mysteries as well as deadliest shipwrecks in the U.S.   The Blue Water Ventures International expedition teams sprang into action, conducting mapping and other measures to facilitate the archaeological team’s efforts to identify the shipwreck. With the Blue Water Rose serving as the recovery vehicle, several coins and relics were found with an estimated value of around $100,000-$200,000. Some of the treasures included items that were branded with the name Pulaski, confirming that it was indeed the steamship in question. It was later revealed that the gold and silver coins that were excavated originated from several countries such as the U.S., Great Britain, and Spain, during an era when coins with foreign origins were widely accepted as a form of payment. Recovered coins are well kept for conservation by the Numismatic Conservation Services, one of the earliest coin conservatories to be established. They play an integral part in Blue Water’s objectives by maintaining the integrity of many coins found from various shipwrecks throughout the world. Blue Water Ventures International has also previously announced a future line of jewelry, featuring natural saltwater pearls that were successfully recovered from the 1622 wreck of the Santa Margarita. During their excavation in 2008, they retrieved 16,000 of these exquisite pearls which after analysis were confirmed to be some of the oldest specimens in the world.

Untapped Potential

Mark L'Hommedieu, a partner of Blue Water Ventures International, detailed the enormous potential of underwater excavation: "There's hundreds of wrecks all across the coast of the United States, and even hundreds more down by the Caribbean -- maybe even thousands," L'Hommedieu said. "It's been said that there's potentially more gold at the bottom of the ocean than in circulation today." With the contributions of generous donors, Blue Water Ventures International has been able to successfully locate and retrieve some of the most prominent shipwrecks in our waters. Their efforts have helped to educate and connect us to what was once a lost history and past. Many wreck sites have been located, but lack of resources hamper efforts in diving and excavation. Help us continue to excavate the oceans and retrieve many of the lost treasures that sit on the ocean floors, full of our invaluable treasure and waiting to be discovered. Your efforts will play a major role in our abilities to maintain current excavation projects and without your help, these special sites documenting our past may become lost forever.

We can't do this without you!

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