CARA Project Girls Rescue Centre

Posted on June 5, 2018
CARA Project Girls Rescue Centre helps young women to find the stability they need to live happy and healthy lives.

CARA Project Girls Rescue Centre

Posted on June 5, 2018
CARA Project Girls Rescue Centre has been empowering women and girls since 2009, cultivating a positive and independent mindset to help them achieve success in the face of disadvantages. The organization emphasizes equal rights for underprivileged girls in particular, spreading awareness and promoting education for these individuals to integrate successfully into society.
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Cara Project Girls Rescue Centre empowers young women to cultivate a positive and independent mindset to help them achieve success in the face of disadvantages.
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In Kenya, as in many parts of the world, women face truly shocking levels of violence on a daily basis. 39% of Kenyan women suffer physical or sexual abuse in their lifetimes, 23% of them get married when they are children, and 21% are subjected to the horrifying effects of female genital mutilation (FGM). CARA Project Girls Rescue Centre works directly with these poor women and young girls, providing them with a shelter and a chance for a new lease on life. CARA Project provides safety and security for young women.

Welcome CARA Project Girls Rescue Centre Supporters

In tandem with the opening of the CARA Project Girls Rescue Centre in 2012, CARA Project has been providing a home for young girls suffering from an abusive environment, offering counseling services to accommodate their needs. The CARA Project Girls Rescue Centre in the Ngong Hills of Southern Kenya routinely provides temporary and occasionally permanent accommodations for nearly 40 young girls. Typically, the negative variable is resolved or mitigated and the child can return to their homes. Unfortunately, there are cases with extenuating circumstances that call for relocation to a new home or being housed directly in the Centre.  CARA Project directs all their efforts into establishing a positive environment in these children’s homes, as it is their firm belief that children should live with their biological families, pending extreme circumstances that do present themselves, such as in genital mutilation cases.

Life Skills Training for Future Success

The CARA Women’s Empowerment Centre was built to educate and inspire women and young girls alike. By providing vocational skills workshops, and mentorships, staff members provide the knowledge, confidence, and skills needed to survive on their own after being reintegrated into their communities. The workshop is run by specialized staff members, who train girls on a variety of skills such as tailoring, computer skills, cooking, and baking. These skills will be crucial in providing a means for these young girls to be able to provide for themselves in the future. The centre serves as an important and empowering symbol to girls, who often don’t have access to counseling services or proper education. Compounding the situation further is the fact that many of these girls live in abusive environments, and patriarchal societies where many women don’t have a voice. Often times, these young girls don’t have a chance or aren’t even aware of what they’re capable of accomplishing. CARA Project toils around the clock to ensure that these young girls are immersed in a positive and encouraging environment to nurture their potential and capabilities. Once they’re ready to re-enter society, CARA Project Girls Rescue Centre continues to support them with counseling services as well as access to employment opportunities such as internships at local businesses. This gives them a chance to utilize all the skills learned at the centre, so that they have a means to sustain a living independently. Some girls become overly dependent on the facilities and their services to the extent that they forget about life on the outside. The organization provides these girls with special services that are aimed at re-acclimating them to the outside world, gently guiding them until they are capable of making the transition on their own. Giving back to the community also sets a good example for volunteers as well as recipients. CARA Project has worked with schools and institutions to provide a welcoming learning environment for children, participating in beautifying and providing essential learning supplies to provide opportunities for the future generations. CARA Project Girls Rescue Centre is also dedicated towards providing education and firmly believe that it is the key to living a successful life. They routinely visit schools as well as colleges to promote a lifestyle awareness class among others, as well as providing a direct, hands on educational program at the center for the older girls.

Help Us Continue to Empower Young Girls and Women

Many young girls and women continue to live without adequate accommodation, in abusive environments, or without counseling and guidance. Lack of education also severely hinders their ability to become independent members of society, and it is crucial that we continue to extend our services to provide a better future for these young women and children. Your contributions will help us maintain the CARA Project Girls Rescue Centre and the Cara Women's Empowerment Centre, enabling us to reach out to more young girls that desperately need a guiding hand in the midst of their chaotic lives. Without it, many of these children would be utterly lost and deprived of a chance at a better and brighter future. By joining as a backer, your efforts will help us continue to be a shining beacon of hope for countless underprivileged or abused children. We Couldn’t Do This Without You!  

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