Duong Lao Hospice

Posted on June 5, 2018
The Duong Lao Hospice provides compassionate end of life care to financially struggling adults.

Duong Lao Hospice

Posted on June 5, 2018
The Duong Lao Hospice was established in 1997 by the nuns of the Daughters of Charity, an organization that is a  Vietnamese branch of the Conferences of Saint Vincent de Paul, based in Paris, France.
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The Duong Lao Hospice provides compassionate end of life care to financially struggling elders in Vietnam.
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Welcome Duong Lao Hospice Supporters

The Duong Lao Hospice is dedicated to providing the elderly with mental, physical, emotional and spiritual support. As a community organization dedicated to serving individuals lacking financial resources to pay for their care, funding is a constant challenge. This organization started when local nuns noticed the difficulty some elders in the community had in satisfying their basic needs. They were compelled to act when they came across five older women struggling to survive without any family between them to assist. For many aging Vietnamese, the Duong Lao Hospice is a point of safety and security. As a compassionate end of life treatment center, the Duong Lao Hospice seeks to bring peace and comfort into the final moments of life. Over the years, as the number of homeless elders has increased, the monks who own the land permitted the building of a brick and mortar building for the proper care of the growing aging population. One of the two original nuns has passed away and the other is now in her late 60s’ and became one of the residents being cared by the volunteers.

Bringing Peace and Comfort the Final Days of Life

The operation is now consisted of 88 beds with 80 occupied, plus the nuns and volunteered and live-in nurses and helpers. The financial support is coming from the monks who own the land, local businesses, affiliated school and the fees collected from rented out a tiny space for parking. Much of the existing land will be repurposed to build a road so asking of the monks to grant additional lot to compensate for this lost is eminent. An estimate cost of the new facility alone is $350,000 and was provided by a pro bono contractor who is also a benefactor of this organization. Although the D-Day has not been precisely determined, all residents are aware and nervously awaiting for the hammer to drop. Hoping for a generous donor is included in their twice-daily prayers. Daily mass is being conducted by a different priest each day of the week accompanied by a choir on Sunday celebration. Residents are encouraged to walkabout and interact with each other. Their daily routine schedule starts with taking care of basic hygiene. Next they will begin to enjoy  eating the first of their three main course meals. Extra meals are provided for the disabled. In the evening, prayers, evening strolls around the grounds and time for sleep await residents. For entertainment, a curio stacked with current newspapers and classic novels, TVs’s in each room and singing and dancing performed by staff members.

Everyone Deserves Love and Support in their Final Days

A trip to the Duong Lao Hospice is guaranteed to fill your heart with emotions when you listen to the the story of each resident and witness the kindness exhibited by the nuns and the staff members to the elderly. Your support will help this hospice to continue to provide essential end of life services to aging Vietnamese. We Can't Do this Without You!

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