Lifting Hands

Posted on May 28, 2018
Lifting Hands helps citizens of all ages to overcome the effects of poverty with education.

Lifting Hands

Posted on May 28, 2018
Based in the impoverished area of Bajo de los Anonos in Costa Rica, Lifting Hands is an organization that empowers adults and children in the community that lack access to proper education.
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Lifting Hands combats inequality and poverty by providing educational access to the community.
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Based in the impoverished area of Bajo de los Anonos in Costa Rica, Lifting Hands is an organization that empowers adults and children in the community that lack access to proper education. Founded by Diana Madrigal, this organization strives to nullify the effects of inequality, giving all their students an opportunity to maximize their abilities and achieve their educational goals and wellbeing. They provide a warm and welcoming environment for both adults and children, who are given a new opportunity at cultivating their untapped potentials with the support and companionship of other friends and dedicated volunteers who instruct classes and provide guidance. By focusing on education, Lifting Hands promotes creativity and vocational aptitudes aimed at providing children and adults with the capacity to find success in the face of adversity.

Welcome Lifting Hands Supporters

Lifting Hands helps at-risk youth find the stability they need to succeed.

A Place for Kids to Learn and Play

Lifting Hands provides children with a full range of education including English and Math. Many have fallen behind the curve due to minimal school attendance and not having any after school assistance, as oftentimes their parents are also characterized by the lack of a proper education. Educational assistance is also available for adults with inadequate educational backgrounds so that they too can take control of their lives. Lifting Hands organizes computer classes as well as workshops on sewing, cooking, and foundational business knowledge, which students can effectively utilize to build a makeshift business as part of the curriculum. This knowledge and experience will serve as a building block from which professional careers can be acquired to provide a sustainable source of income to disadvantaged or undereducated adults. Lifting Hands also cultivates their confidence and a newfound belief in themselves and their capabilities. The organization also serves as a recreation center for children, providing fun and healthy activities such as basketball and art to many of these children who come from troubled homes and don’t have access to recreational activities. Spiritual mentors are also available for those with religious beliefs and ideals, providing guidance and support to ensure that they don’t feel lost or isolated along the way. Lifting Hands is a safe space for people of all ages in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Positive Growth and Inspiration

In the last 5 years, Lifting Hands has exponentially grown in capacity from 15 to 200 students. Launching with a mere 2 courses taught by 4 initial volunteers, the organization now features 130 classes taught by 175 passionate young volunteers and mentors. These accomplishments were all due to their vigorous work and incredible dedication to empowering students at Lifting Hands. Kids can also take new classes featuring interactive activities such as dance and theatre. These artistic classes provide children with an ability to tap into their creative selves, expressing themselves in an entertaining and supportive environment. With the encouraging growth and direction, Lifting Hands plans to purchase a new home to provide classrooms and recreational facilities. The new building will accommodate the increasing number of students participating in classes and workshops at the center. XPO2 Global Ambassador Dr. Mia Hahn visits Lifting Hands in Costa Rica.

“It is not in the poorest societies where there is more violence, but in the most unequal.”

Students who have satisfactorily met academic and behavioral standards will receive a certificate of completion, awarding their perseverance and diligent effort. Both educational and recreations field trips are conducted to close out the year, providing ample opportunities for additional volunteer and student bonding time. They can look back proudly at all the amazing accomplishments that they were able to achieve together in the classroom with a positive and encouraging rapport. Lifting Hands depends heavily on the participation and efforts of volunteers for operation, who devote at least an hour every week to teach a variety of classes and workshops. These commendable individuals are responsible for compassionately teaching children and being their teacher, guide, and companion as they continue to courageously face their daily struggles with high spirits. There are several volunteer opportunities that cater to anyone interested, and all it requires is a smile and an open heart. Your contributions can play a major impact in providing these underprivileged children and adults with an opportunity to fulfill their education and use their knowledge to succeed in life, bettering the community as well. Help us continue our fight to promote equal opportunities regardless of background or location, and in doing so, end the cycle of inequality that continues to prevail in many communities.

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