The Morani Preserve is an environmental conservation and ecotourism site in Northern Kenya.
The Morani Preserve and Research Center Laikipia is a community organization in Northern Kenya dedicated to environmental conservation. As one of the last places in the world to see many native and currently endangered species, it is vital to protect the natural wonders found here.
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The Morani Preserve and Research Center Laikipia is a vital, community-focused organization which helps to ensure that the priorities of humans and farms align with those of the rich natural world they call home.
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The Morani Preserve and Research Center Laikipia located in Samburu County in Northern Kenya was founded at the Male (MAH-lay) Ranch in 2011 and has since grown to include the Tumaren, Mukogodo, Chololo, Malaikaa and Kaparo lands as well. As a thriving conservation focused nonprofit organization, Morani Preserve is also negotiating with 11 other community groups in this part of Kenya to unify their efforts to protect wildlife and promote sustainability. Kenya has been drastically affected by global climate change. As watering holes and pastures disappear, animals such as Elephants and Cheetahs are forced to seek new habitats. The Morani Prerserve is dedicated towards promoting concerted efforts which allow plants, animals and humans to coexist in mutually beneficial ways.

Welcome Morani Preserve  and Research Center Laikipia Supporters

The Morani Preserve  and Research Center Laikipia is a vital, community-focused organization which helps to ensure that the priorities of humans and farms align with those of the rich natural world they call home. The River Ewas Nyirios, the main source of drinking water for animals and humans alike in this part of Kenya, is slowly transitioning into a seasonal river which cannot sustain life during the hottest and driest months of the year. Climate change has created significant problems for the animals, plants and humans who call this beautiful part of the world home. The Morani Preserve  and Research Center Laikipia is leading efforts to assure that values of conservation ecology, sustainability, and reverence for all ways of life, take hold here to help the priorities of humanity to align with those of the forests, wetlands and savannas of this region.

This organization has 4 pillars guiding its conservation efforts:

Wildlife Conservation

The Morani Preserve is today, a successful model of livestock and wildlife living in private ranches and healthy farms able to generate sustainable abundance for the benefit of all. Just a few years ago, you would be unlikely to see Elephants near the River Ewas Nyirios. Today, thanks to research-based wildlife conservation efforts, this is one of the places with the highest Elephant populations in all of Kenya. This is a natural habitat for a range of endangered species which includes the Grevy Zebra, Gerenuk, Wild Dog, Rhino, Reticulated Giraffe, Beisa Oryx among many others. Of these listed, the Rhino is the only one which has not yet been successfully reintroduced. In the future, Morani Preserve would love to reintroduce the Rhino to its natural habitat. This organization is dedicated towards investing in initiatives such as: the reduction of human and wildlife conflicts, habitat conservation, water provisioning for wildlife, monitoring the needs of endangered wildlife and data collection, wildlife protection through establishing rangers to counter poaching and wildlife education to enrich local communities.

Rangeland Rehabilitation

The results of climate change in this part of the world can be most clearly seen in the degradation of rangelands, vital for the survival of plants, animals and people alike. Human activities such as charcoal burning and overgrazing have threatened indigenous forests, pastures and vegetation. What was once lush and green, is today struggling to maintain its vibrancy. To counter these challenges, this organization is working to conserve soil by managing erosion, seeking sustainable alternatives to charcoal, working to ensure livestock is kept in accordance with the carrying capacity of the lands they live on and working to cultivate grasses, shrubs, and trees which will help bring green life back to these increasingly arid lands

Climate Change

The Morani Preserve  and Research Center Laikipia promotes efforts which increase awareness and more importantly actions which will help forests, rangelands, sources of waters and the biodiversity of life around them to live in harmony. Environmental conservation undertaken by this organization helps to preserve the carbon stored in forests, protect rivers and lakes from dying out and ensure that humans live in balance with the natural world. Climate change is a problem we all share and fortunately thanks to action-oriented organizations such as this, efforts are being taken today, to ensure that we find the appropriate solution before our world is destroyed.

Tourism and Socio-Economic Development

Tourism and socio-economic development are essential elements of our plan to generate sustainability and conservation of the natural world. Tourism helps to raise funds vital to expanding our mission and ensuring stakeholders have a chance to see for themselves how special our efforts to protect wildlife really are. Additionally, we are engaged with income generating activities such as bee keeping, poultry farming, beadwork, hide and skin businesses and other environmentally sustainable initiatives which teach our community to live in balance with nature.

Environmental Conservation Enriches Us All

The Morani Preserve and Research Center Laikipia is committed to using indigenous resources and knowledge combined with research based science to deliver sustainable solutions which allow us to strengthen our human and natural communities. We depend on each other and it is essential that we live together as trusted partners with a shared destiny. All the money that we raise helps us to serve our community within the 4 pillars guiding our conservation efforts. If you value animals and the natural world, our organization is dedicated to protecting these resources. We are grateful for your support and efforts to help us ensure Elephants, Rhinos, Leopards and the millions of other wildlife that call our lands home can live side by side with their human neighbors. Thank you for taking the time to learn about our organization! We Wouldn’t Be Able to Do This Without You!  
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