Save Vietnam’s Wildlife

Posted on July 9, 2018
Save Vietnam’s Wildlife is dedicated to protecting the plants, animals and vital natural resources of Vietnam.

Save Vietnam’s Wildlife

Posted on July 9, 2018
Vietnam is the home to an incredible array of native species and without proper protection, these species may not survive the encroachment of civilization which constantly threatens local flora and fauna populations.
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Save Vietnam's Wildlife is leading efforts to protect the biodiversity of one of the world's most unique ecosystems.
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Save Vietnam’s Wildlife is a national non-profit organization dedicated to protecting plants, animals and vital natural resources of this vibrant southeast Asian nation. Vietnam is the home to an incredible array of native species and without proper protection, these species may not survive the encroachment of civilization which constantly threatens local flora and fauna populations. Vietnam is home to some 11,400 species of vascular plants, 1030 species of moss, 310 species of mammals, 296 reptile species, 162 amphibian species, 700 freshwater species of fish and 2000 species of marine fish. There are about 889 species of birds and 310 species of land mollusks. As many as 10% of Vietnam’s native species are threatened by extinction. Some say they look like dinosaurs but pangolins are actually mammals.

Welcome Save Vietnam’s Wildlife Supporters

Save Vietnam’s Wildlife (SVW) is a non-governmental organization dedicated to conserving Vietnam’s myriad species and the natural habitats that they call home. At the heart of this program is a partnership with Cuc Phuong National Park dedicated to the management and operation of the Carnivore and Pangolin Conservation Program (CPCP). The CPCP has been a program of Cuc Phuong National Park, and today focuses on the rescue, rehabilitation and release of carnivores and pangolins confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade; as well as the development of a global conservation breeding program for threatened carnivores and pangolins. Pangolins are considered to be the world’s most illegally trafficked animal species. Considered a delicacy across Asia and Africa, pangolin habitats are under constant threat. Save Vietnam’s Wildlife was developed to help ensure the future of Vietnam’s incredible natural biodiversity. Threatened by habitat loss and the illegal wildlife trade the current situation is declining rapidly and we need your help to turn the tide. SVW is actively engaged in supporting the confiscation of wildlife from the illegal trade, rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing animals into suitable and secured habitats that support conservation of wild populations. Dedicated to scientific research as a basis for their conversation efforts Save Vietnam’s Wildlife is a key ally to native species in this nation. Save Vietnam’s Wildlife is also committed to offering educational programs for the general public as well as the government officials whose decisions have the potential to save or destroy the environment of Southeast Asia.

Protect One of the Most Beautiful Natural Habitats on Earth

Organized to fulfill their vision of creating: “Environmental harmony between people and nature in Vietnam where wildlife is given the opportunity to flourish”, Save Vietnam’s Wildlife is an important community based organization whose work extends far further than the jungles and wetland areas in which we operate. Around the world, conservation efforts to protect native species are extremely important to the future success of human populations of planet Earth. As a species, humans are intrinsically linked to the natural world. The extinction of even one animal or plant species threatens our survival immensely. It is extremely important that action-oriented organizations like Save Vietnam’s Wildlife are funded properly so that they can continue to do work which helps to strengthen our global community. Save Vietnam’s Wildlife fights to protect and increase populations of threatened wildlife in Vietnam by rescuing threatened animals, protecting entire populations and ensuring secured habitats. We act to identify and select the best solutions which encompass high conservation value, are scientifically based, consider human requirements and empower people to take informed action. The pangolin is prized by poachers who profit off this small creature.

Save Vietnam’s Wildlife and Protect Our World

Now is your chance to help protect our natural world! As a nonprofit, non-governmental organization, Save Vietnam’s Wildlife relies on the support of the general public. Without your contributions, we would not be able to continue our work of securing native habitats home to millions of plants and animals. The raw natural beauty of Vietnam needs to be secured for future generations. Act now to take a stand with plants and animals of Vietnam. Do your part to ensure one of the world’s most biodiverse locations remains as bountiful and invigorated as it is today. We Wouldn't Be Able to Do This Without You!
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