Tania Integrated Centre

Posted on June 11, 2018
Tania Integrated Centre supports previously homeless children with disabilities and special needs.

Tania Integrated Centre

Posted on June 11, 2018
The Tania Integrated Centre is a Community Based Organisation (CBO) in Corner Baridi, Kenya which caters to children with physical impairments and other disabilities. The Center is registered as a charitable children’s institution with the Kenyan Ministry of Gender, Children, and Social Development. The Centre currently services 165 children aged 2 to 17.
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Tania Integrated Centre creates a nurturing environment for children with disabilities, many of which were abandoned and left to fend for themselves.
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Tania Integrated Centre was founded when parents Joseph and Jennifer were asked by their children if they could help pay for the education of a family friend with developmental disabilities. Today, Benson Yassa and his wife have devoted their lives to caring for more than 165 children in Corner Baridi, Kenya. Most of the children at Tania Integrated Centre have developmental disabilities and other special needs. Many were abandoned as orphans by parents who could not care for them. At the centre, the children are welcomed into a loving and supportive family dedicated to their safety, achievement and enjoyment.

Welcome Tania Integrated Centre Supporters

Tania Integrated Centre describes its mission in the following way: Our mission is to provide children with disabilities, orphans, and other vulnerable children with education, and to equip them with self-reliance skills for future independence. Our vision is to create and nurture a society where all people, including children, are not discriminated against, and have a sure foundation for the future regardless of their disabilities. Our Core Values: We believe that all children are a gift from God. We believe in the spirit of equity and equality regardless of gender, and that all children must be provided with equal opportunities in life. We believe in God and biblical teachings and that all children ought to be guided accordingly. Our Objectives: To promote and provide a holistic child development approach through education and other avenues. To sensitize parents in the Maasai community to the value of formal education, particularly for girls and children with disabilities, who often miss out on education. To rehabilitate and provide basic and quality education to children of both genders with disabilities. To rehabilitate and provide basic needs, including medical care and education, to street children. To enable orphans and destitute children to have access to basic and quality education. To provide a home, schooling facilities, and basic needs for the Maasai children rescued from early forced marriages, female genital mutilation (FGM), and the street children of Kiserian, Nairobi, and Kajiado areas and the greater Maasai land areas. To harness and utilize the available natural resources to enhance sound, sustainable management of the surrounding environment.

The Miracle of Charity

Some tourists stopped to observe a strange monkey at Lake Nakuri National Park. They were so distressed by what they saw they alerted park staff. When the rangers arrived, they were astounded to find a small child, less than a year old, being cared for by a troupe of monkeys in the forest. Eventually, this young child would find her way to Tania Integrated Centre where her new family would call her Charity. Today, now 5 years later, this young child represents a true miracle and source of inspiration. Still nonverbal but now able to follow some directions and play with her new siblings, Charity has come a long way. In Kenya and in many parts of the world, children like Charity struggle to survive after being abandoned and left for dead by families unable to care for them. Fortunately, there are places like Tania Integrated Centre which have taken it upon themselves to create safety and security in young lives.

Sustainable Solutions

Tania Integrated Centre is committed to sustainable solutions which allow it to be economically self sufficient while also creating educational opportunities for its young learners. Chickens: The Tania Centre has a new chicken barn with 150 laying hens.  The eggs will be used as food for students and staff, and extra eggs are sold to create a source of income for the centre. Fish:  The Tania Centre has three catfish ponds on the property capable of producing 2,000 fish every 2-3 months.  These fish will be used as food for students and staff, and extra fish are sold to create a source of income for the centre. Biogas:  The Tania Centre has a biogas system that creates fuel from pig and cow waste. Farm:  The Tania Centre’s on-premesis farm grows enough fruits and vegetables to feed the students and staff, and extra produce is sold to create a source of income for the centre.  The farm is all organic, and makes use of hydroponics. Naserian Café (Coming soon):  A storefront on the edge of Tania’s property will soon be open, offering cold sodas, popcorn, chips, crisps, other snacks, baked goods, and cellular airtime.  Upstairs is a beauty salon. Tania Integrated Centre is an important community resource dedicated to providing children with special needs access to the supports they need to mature into contributing members of society. All funds raised in support of Tania help this organization to better serve young lives.

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