Wildlife Waystation

Posted on May 28, 2018
Wildlife Waystation is a leading exotic animal sanctuary that also provides community educational programming.

Wildlife Waystation

Posted on May 28, 2018
Officially established in 1976 under the guidance of founder and director Martine Colette, the nonprofit animal sanctuary Wildlife Waystation spans 160 acres across the Angeles National Forest located in Southern California. Colette is a distinguished expert with over 40 years of animal rescue and rehabilitation experience, also promoting wildlife awareness and knowledge as a prominent public speaker.
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Wildlife Waystation provides nurturing love and care to abused exotic animals.
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Wildlife Waystation hosts a variety of exotic animal species and has lent a helping hand to over 76,000 animals that were subjected to physical abuse or abandonment. Some heart wrenching rescue cases involve a bear whose mother was killed by a rancher and a bird that was nearly struck dead by a car, crippling one wing and permanently losing the ability to fly. They also host the largest chimpanzee refuge in the Western United States, having been the first to take in chimpanzees subjected to research experiments back in 1995. They currently house about 40 chimpanzees in their sanctuary. All animals are provided with medical assistance and treatment at the Wildlife Waystation Health Center, which provides 24-hour care to cater to the various species that call the facilities home. The center is equipped to deal with potential diseases alongside a surgery facility for any operative requirements to ensure that all animals residents are healthy and happy.   Wildlife Waystation rehabilitates wild animals.

Welcome Wildlife Waystation Supporters

Ambassadors of wildlife awareness, Wildlife Waystation also champions education of the general public on wildlife affairs such as peaceful co-existence and promoting better relations and understanding of their wild neighbors.   They host a series of educational programs designed to introduce a variety of animal species to all age groups, ideal for students and organizations alike. Their featured programs include:
  • Exploring the Wildlife Waystation
  • Co-existing with Native California Wildlife
  • Threatened & Endangered Animals
  • All About Reptiles
  • All about Raptors
One of the major issues that they address is the inappropriate treatment of exotic animals as pets. Wildlife Waystation promotes education about proper pets and handling to curb the rising number of exotic pets that are abandoned or released improperly, which can have serious social and environmental repercussions. As populations continue to grow and drive expansion of boundaries, this also inevitably increases the chances of humans and wildlife paths intertwining. Wildlife Waystation offers insights and advice on how to co-exist with wildlife, imparting knowledge designed to help minimize any unwanted and potentially dangerous encounters with wild animals. Proponents of wildlife education, Wildlife Waystation also provides lesson plans and educational materials intended at enriching the knowledge of both students and teachers in the classroom and beyond. Students pursuing higher education can enroll in the Exotic Animal Training and Management program at Moorpark College, which will enrich them with in-depth knowledge of wildlife conservation efforts. Wildlife Waystation also provides internship opportunities for students with veterinary aspirations.

Leading Animal Rehabilitation Services

Exclusive members-only tours are also available, and the 2-hour walkthrough features a guide through part of the facilities as well as a comprehensive presentation on the organization’s mission and future goals. Guests are also invited to the grounds via a safari party, accompanied by a host of the beautiful animal residents as well as the incomparable presence of founder Martine Colette. The safari party features a unique opportunity to celebrate a special occasion, all while being graced with the presence of wild animal guests such as tigers and bears.

The Wildlife Needs Your Assistance

Wildlife Waystation is completely dependent on private funding and sponsors for ensuring round the clock supervision of the animals and premises by volunteers and experienced staff members. Volunteers can help with educational programs, hosting tours, as well as assistance with providing sanitary accommodations for the animals. Their selfless efforts and dedication are crucial to helping maintain the wellbeing of the 400 animals that reside in the Wildlife Waystation. With your impactful donations, the Wildlife Waystation can continue to care for over 4,000 mammals as well as an amazing variety of birds and reptiles. Help support their efforts in providing a sanctuary for many animals that are abused or simply abandoned by their owners. You can help provide these beautiful animals with a place to call home.

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