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Morani Preserve and Research Center Laikipia

The Gazelle that Thinks it’s a Giraffe

The Morani Preserve in Northern Kenya is a place where you can see the endangered Gerenuk in the wild.

Come to Kenya for an Authentic African Safari Experience

Kenya provides an astounding experience for animal lovers.

Environmental Conservation: Protecting the Treasures of the Natural World

Environmental conservation requires communities to come together and reach towards shared goals. 

Tania Integrated Centre

CARA Project Girls Rescue Centre

Ngong Forest Conservation Trust

Explore the Wild World of Kenya’s Morani Preserve

XPO² will use funding to provide the Morani Preserve with the backing to help set up this important network of businesses to create a sustainable industry.

The Plight of the Reticulated Giraffe

The Morani Preserve in Kenya is one of the only places where you can see a Reticulated Giraffe in the wild.

The Ngong Forest Conservation Trust: Saving the Forest, One Tree at a Time

The Ngong Forest outside Nairobi, Kenya currently lacks the necessary funding to fully protect it from threats. In April of 2018, XPO2 worked with local stakeholders to form the Ngong Forest Conservation Trust to raise funds to protect and restore this important ecosystem.

The Reason to Hope: Providing Healing from the Effects of Mental Disorders

The Reason to Hope is an important community organization in Kenya dedicated to helping people suffering from a wide range of problems including drug and alcohol abuse, stress, depression, as well as other mental health ailments. Based in Nairobi, their main objective is to provide a variety of professional mental health services based on the three […]

Tumutumu School for the Deaf

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