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Save Vietnam’s Wildlife

Saigon Children: Building Better Futures with Education

Haoi Bao was a young man stuck in the cycle of poverty. His father passed away when he was only in the first grade, leaving his mother with the full responsibility of providing for their family.

Orphanage Truyen Tin

Duong Lao Hospice

Vietnam’s Wildlife: An Ecosystem in Peril

The nonprofit organization Save Vietnam’s Wildlife was formed in 2014 to aid pangolins and other precious native species of Vietnam’s tropical rainforests. Their mission is to stop the extinction and champion the recovery of threatened species in Vietnam. Their primary focus is the support of the Carnivore and Pangolin Conservation Program in collaboration with the […]

Saigon Children: Giving the Underprivileged a Fighting Chance

Established in 1992 in the UK, and currently operating in Vietnam, Saigon Children raised $12.5 million over the last 25 years with the mission of giving disadvantaged adults and children a chance to complete their education and pursue their dreams. Their efforts are focused mostly on rural and remote areas across provinces in Vietnam, as […]

Save Vietnam’s Wildlife: The Efforts to Resuscitate a Lasting Legacy

With the primary mission of preventing the extinction of threatened species in Vietnam, Save Vietnam’s Wildlife is a non-profit organization focusing on re-establishing the dwindling link between nature and mankind. The Vietnamese highly treasure nature and believe its presence should exist harmoniously with the people, it is the organization’s utmost and urgent quest to prevent […]

Saigon Children

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